One of two alun-alun (city square) on Keraton Jogjakarta, this alun-alun which located southside of the Keraton is very famous among tourist especially during the night. Which you can rent one of many “bicycle-car” that glows bright from their ornamental lightings. Also you can try your luck in walking between the twin Banyan trees with your eyes covered, yet some say only few that can really make it.


On this Jogjakarta most famous street name, there are plenty of shops providing variety of craft and souvenirs. At night the sidewalks transform from street shop vendors into “warung lesehan” that caters many local cuisines, with live music provided by many street performers, around the area. In the vicinity of Malioboro also located the main traditional market Beringharjo, presidential palace Gedung Agung and old Dutch colonial fort Vrederburg.


This Buddhist temple located nears the city of Magelang, approximately 40km northwest from Jogjakarta. The temple which built in the years 825 and part of UNESCO heritage site, has been the attraction of choice for both local and international tourist all year long. The annual holy Vesak festival also take place here which also comprise of releasing thousand


This Hindu temple is located approximately 17km northeast from Jogjakarta, near the border between Jogjakarta and Central Java, The temple that also included in the UNESCO heritage site was built in the year 856 and has become one of the main tourist destination in Jogjakarta. The temple was built dedicated to Trimurti, the expression of three Gods; Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserve and Shiva the Destroyer.


The Keraton Palace is the palace of Jogjakarta Sultanate: Kesultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and still holds the place as the Sultan’s residence and His royal household. Designed by Sultan Hamngkubuwono I in the year of 1755, the complex comprise of many pavilions which keeps history of tradition and various royal heritage collections. Admired by many especially international tourist, Keraton is one of the finest example of Javanese architectural marvel.

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